Wednesday 6 January 2016

"DVAT update - Regarding Tax on cigarettes and amendment in Form DVAT 16"

(DVAT Notification No. F.3(21)/Fin(Rev-I)/2015-2016/dsvi/907, Dated 12-11-2015)

Amendment of rule 7
Amendment of Forms

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"Tax on cigarettes and amendment in Form DVAT 16"

Delhi Vat Rates, process of registration, applicable form, interest and penalities and many more.......

There are lots of questions related to Delhi Vat which every startup in Delhi want to know ...

1. When there is a requirement of mandatory registration under DVAT ?

2. What is Voluntary registration under DVAT and benefits of voluntary registration ?

3. What is the Process of registration under DVAT?

- Form for registration under DVAT (DVAT 4)
- Supporting documents required to be attached along with DVAT 4.
- Process of online registration under DVAT
- Process of manual registration under DVAT

4. What are the rates applicable under DVAT?

- Under DVAT different rates are applicable on different goods as specified in Schedule 1 to 7.
- Taxable Turnover under DVAT.
- Sale exempt from tax.
- Certain sales not liable to tax.

5. What are the forms applicable under DVAT for different procedures?

DVAT FORMS : composition scheme
DVAT FORMS : Registration
DVAT FORMS : Security
DVAT FORMS : Assessment
DVAT FORMS : Related to record maintenance

6. What is the Composition scheme under DVAT ?

7. What are the form's and time period for registration under DVAT?

8.  Due date of payment of tax under DVAT Act?

9.  What are the returns which required to be filled under DVAT?

10. What are the certificates required to be issued under DVAT?

11. What are the interest and penalties for non compliance under DVAT Act?

12. Who is casual trader and What is the procedure of registration of casual trader under DVAT?

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